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the Autonomous Mobile Vehicle 

Robin offers three types of AMVs (Autonomous Mobile Vehicles), They are Robin-CT, Robin-Deli and Robin-Fork. Each of them has different specifications based on their functions, such as carrying, towing or lifting. Our products are designed with a complicated AI and control system, allowing them to recognise other AMVs such that many AMVs can be set to work in the same area simultaneously without colliding with each other.


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Carry  -  Towing  -  Lifting

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Carry - Towing - Lifting

AGV Chemco Front View.png

To carry and tow objects.



Dimension.                                    : L800mm x W500mm x H 400mm 

Vehicle weight.                             : ±100kg

Max. load/lifting power.              : 200kg

Max. speed                                    : 40m/min.

Maneuver ability.                          : 360°

Max. Positioning repeatability.   : 3cm

Battery running life.                     : up to 8 hrs

Battery type.                                 : Lithium Battery

Front view

Front view

Side view

Side view

Top view

Top view

This semi heavy duty AMV is commonly used in factories and industries to carry and tow trollies from one point to another. Robin-CT's speed ranges from 25 m/min up to 50 m/min. Its load capacity can be adjusted to fit customers' needs. Robin-CT's casing is made up of steel plate combined with carbon fibre, making it lighter than other AMVs.

Robin-CT is designed to be able to rotate/maneuver 360° in its place, so it does not require a large space to operate. It is equipped with a stable sensor that is able to detect both moving and idle obstacles from 10 metres away, with a panoramic viewpoint of 270°, making it very safe to be operated in industries. 

Robin-CT's maximum positioning repeatability is 3cm. It is able to work as far as 200 metres or more from its home position. Equipped with lithium batteries, it can work for 4-8 hours non-stop before it needs to be recharged.


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AGV Main 4.jpg

Top view

AGV Airport 5.jpg

For delivery

Dimension.                                    : L 450mm x W350mm xH900m 

Vehicle weight.                             : ±50kg

Max. load/lifting power.              : 30kg

Max. speed                                   : 40~60m/min.

Maneuver ability.                         : 360°

Max. Positioning repeatability.  : 3cm

Battery running life.                    : 2~3 hrs

Battery type.                                : Lithium 

in airports, hospitals, hotels  and many more.



Side view

Front view

Robin-Deli is an AMV designed for delivery purposes in hospitals, hotels, offices, malls and airports. Its table/rack can be modified according to its intended function.

Robin-Deli is designed to be compact and light, being mainly made up of fibreglass, so that it can manuever with great agility and speed. It is equipped with sensors in its front and rear, making it extremely safe to be operated in a space full of people.

Consistent with its design, the maximum load for Robin-Deli is only approximately 30 kg, but it is able to rotate/maneuver 360° in its place, making it suitable for operating in cramped or crowded spaces. It can be integrated to elevators in buildings in order to reach different floors. With lithium batteries, Robin-Deli can work for 3-4 hours non-stop before it needs to be recharged.

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Dimension.                                      : L1800mm x W900mm x H800mm 

Vehicle weight.                               : appr. 250kg

Max. load/lifting power.                : 1300kg

Max. speed                                     : ±50 m/min.

Maneuver  ability.                          : 360°

Max. Positioning repeatability.    : 3cm

Battery running life.                      : appr. 3~4 hrs

Battery type.                                  : Lithium Battery

AGV Forklift.jpg

Pallet Mover

AGV ForklifT 2D.jpg

Front view

AGV ForklifT 2D.jpg

Side view

AGV ForklifT 2D.jpg

Top view

Robin-Fork is designed to carry and move pallets, and the load placed above the pallets, in factories and warehouses. It is fully made up of steel, making it heavier relative to our other AMVs. 

Equipped with both object detection sensors and safety sensors, Robin-Fork is capable of identifying the types of pallets they are going to carry, as well as safely operate in cramped or crowded spaces without colliding with other objects.

Although designed to be compact, Robin-Fork is able to lift load up to 1300 kg and move at a maximum speed of 50 m/min, thus bringing efficiency to companies operating it.


We make to order.

Production takes about 1-2 months.

Set-up in your factory/site may take about 3-7 days.

Which of our products would you like to learn more about? (You may choose more than one)

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